The 3 on 3 CHALLENGE stresses a sense of Fair Play and having Lots of FUN!

A.    RULES APPLYING TO ALL DIVISIONS:                                                                    

  • The CHALLENGE will have 4 Age Groups:   Novice  Atom  Peewee & Bantam.

  • Two divisions will be offered for each Age Group:  Houseleague and Rep*.

  • Teams can have a minimum of 7 (seven) and up-to a maximum of 10 (ten) players.


Goalies are considered in the player count.

  • Bench personnel is optional and limited to a maximum of 3 (three).

  • Players may only play for 1 (one) registered team for the weekend of the CHALLENGE.

  • Team registration Rosters are binding after the first game of the tournament.  Sorry NO substitutions.

    *Divisions offered are based on Registrations, Ice time availability and Scheduling.

B.     Rules Applying to Rep Division (A, AA, or AAA), Major and Minor Divisions:

Rep Divisions:

  • Each Rep team may register a maximum of 3 (three) carded AAA players.

  • There is no limit to the number of carded A or AA players.

  • AAA Rules do not apply to Atom and Novice Divisions.

  • Rep Players cannot play Houseleague Divisions.

Major and Minor Divisions:

  • Major Year Players must only play in Major Divisions.

  • Minor Players can play in Minor or Major Divisions.

  • Mixed Teams of Minor and Major Players must only play in Major Divisions.


  • NOHA (Northern Ontario Hockey Association) Equipment Policy will be followed.

    Policy can be found at:  Development, Officials, Memos

  • CSA approved equipment is mandatory.

  • Stick or equipment measurements will not be permitted.



  • Teams must supply their Players with matching numbered jerseys.

  • If a colour conflict occurs, Skater's Edge Source for Sports will provide jerseys or scrimmage vests.

  • A coin toss will determine who will change colours.



  • Game Sheets MUST be filled out 15 minutes prior to EVERY game.

  • Please list players in the order they will take penalty shots at the end of regulation time.

  • It is recommended, but not mandatory, to alternate the players for each game to give every player the opportunity to take penalty shots.

  • Game sheets not submitted on time will have players randomly listed by the CHALLENGE representative, with no ability to appeal.  

    Additionally, game sheets not filled out on time will be assessed a penalty, resulting in 1 (one) penalty shot.


  • Teams must be ready to play 30 (thirty) minutes before their scheduled game time.

  • Each team will be given a 2 (two) minute warm up.

  • Games consist of two 12 (twelve) minute straight running time periods.

  • After every second game the ice will be flooded or at the Committee's discretion.

  • Each team is guaranteed to play 4 (four) games.

  • FORFEIT: The score of 2-0 will be awarded to the winning team in the event of forfeit. No shows, illegal players, extra or lack of players are examples of forfeit.

  • Icing is allowed.

  • Slap shots are allowed.

  • Body Contact is NOT Allowed.

  • No PROFANITY at any time.

  • No abuse of officials will be tolerated.

  • GOAL DIFFERENTIALS larger than 7 (seven) will not be displayed on the score board but they will be recorded on the score sheet and will be used to determine final standings.

  • This is a Round Robin Tournament with Playoffs on the Final Day of the CHALLENGE.



  • Face-offs will be used at the start of each period.

  • Play is continuous.

  • If the puck leaves the playing surface, the play will be awarded to the non-offending team. Possession will be awarded in either the neutral zone or in the non offending team's end.

  • The referee will blow the whistle when:

  1. a goal is scored

  2. the goalie freezes the puck

  3. the play is off-side

  4. an infraction has occurred and a penalty has been assessed


  •  Players firing the puck down the ice when having to give possession may be assessed a Delay of Game penalty.

  •  Games that get out of hand will be stopped and scores recorded without penalty shots taken.

  •  Anyone, including bench personnel assessed a major penalty or misconduct penalty including abuse of an official may be expelled for the balance of the CHALLENGE.

       When a penalty is assessed the offending player must leave the ice immediately and be replaced by a teammate. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in an additional penalty for Delay of Game.


        Defending team is assessed a penalty

    1. Penalized Player leaves the ice and is replaced by teammate

    2. Referee places the puck in the Neutral zone

    3. Attacking team is given possession, attacking players must be on-side

        Attacking team is assessed a penalty

    1. Penalized Player leaves the ice and is replaced by teammate

    2. Possession is given to the defending team

    3. Offending team must leave the zone and be on-side


    1. Offending team loses possession

    2. Possession is given to the non-offending team

    3. Play resumes in Neutral zone and all players must remain on-side


       a) Penalties & Infractions:

  • For any penalty or infraction, time will not be served.

  • Penalty shots will be taken at the end of Regulation Time.

  • Penalties will result in 1 (one) penalty shot for each infraction for the opposing team.

  • IF at the end of Regulation Time the number of penalty shots awarded cannot change the outcome of the game, then no penalty shots will be taken and the game will be over.

       b)  Penalty Shots & Ties:

  • Players will take their penalty shot(s) at the end of Regulation Time in the player order listed on the Game Sheet.

  • Teams will take ALL of their penalty shots consecutively in the player order listed on the Game Sheet.

  • The team with the fewest goals at the end of Regulation Time will shoot FIRST and their score will be recorded.

  • If their opponent has been awarded penalty shots, only the number of penalty shots needed to change the outcome of the game will be used.

  • During Round Robin Play ties are recorded.


  • Standings:  Points will be awarded to teams in the following Manner:

                       WIN      2 (two) Points awarded to the winning Team                       

                        TIE       1 (one) Point awarded to each Team                         

                        LOSS   0 (zero) Points awarded

  • Tiebreaking Procedures at the end of the Round Robin

                                        1. Number of wins                       

                                        2. Head to head results  Will not apply if more than 2 teams are involved.                       

                                        3. Goals average (total goals for) divided by (total goals for + total goals against)          

                                        4. Fewest penalties overall                       

                                        5. Coin Toss


  • Teams will alternate taking penalty shots in the player order listed on the Game Sheet, ONE per team, until the game has been decided.

  • If the score is Tied at the end of Regulation Time, the Visiting Team will shoot first and it becomes Sudden Death.

    During Sudden Death the order of the shooters continues from Regulation Time in the order listed on the

    Game Sheet.  No going back to the top of the Game Sheet.

L.       PROTESTS:

  • A deposit of $100.00 must accompany each Protest. (NEW)

  • Protests must be submitted, in writing, within one (1) hour of completion of the game being protested.

  • Protests will be accepted no later than the last game of the Round Robin.

  • Supporting documentation must be provided to the CHALLENGE Committee at the time of the Protest.

  • If the Protest is awarded then the deposit will be refunded.

  • If the Protest is denied then the deposit is forfeited.

  • The CHALLENGE Committee's decision is bi

    nding and final.

  • Please note:  

    Referee calls cannot be protested.


  • A full refund of team registration fees will only be given when the tournament or team division is cancelled.

  • No refund after the registration deadline.

  • No refund due to injuries.

  • No refund due to defaulted, forfeited, cancelled or rescheduled games.

  • No refund when teams or players are suspended, expelled or ejected from the tournament.

Let's make this a great tournament and have lots of fun!